My name is Amy and I’m a real life person that Crystal has saved. I mean that in so many ways. She literally saved my life in a time where I was suicidal and things were quite volatile. She has also helped me find faith, clarity, true control, and myself quite literally. I connected with Crystal on a wild fluke though I am so glad that I did!
I expected to receive traditional therapy which I have done in the past not to much avail so I was surprised and so very relieved when I found that I didn’t have to dig up the past I didn’t have to relive my pain I only had to make better and new decisions, clean up my thought process, get rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs I’d been holding onto irrationally for years. I’ll keep this short as I can, plainly said working with Crystal changed my life, not only did it save my life, it changed my life! Since working with Crystal I have turned my entire life around and am now receiving my worth not only in my personal life and relationships but also in my career. I have discovered my purpose and am working toward goals and helping others along the way. I’m still me though this girl shines a lot brighter now and makes no apologies for it. I live at cause for my life and the things in it and I know how to affect and change things should negativity try to creep in. NLP techniques, hypnosis, and many of the skills Crystal uses are priceless abilities to unlock you from a stuck state. If I can go through this and come out on the other side even better I promise you anyone can! I hope if you aren’t living the life you’ve always imagined you take the leap isn't it worth it to take back your life and make it what that dream is! Don’t just take it from one who knows ♥️

Amy Vandagriff
Personal Trainer. Coach. Competitor.
Nutritionist. Capitalist. Entrepreneur.