Hue + Harmony Events


Meet the Creator.

CRYSTAL SWASS has been a creative her entire life. Having received her A.S. Degree in Fashion Design from the Art Institute in 2007, she has cultivated a successful photography business in South Florida and amassed over 15 years of experience within the marketing and graphic design industry. With certifications as a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and in Life and Success Coaching, she emphasizes her proficiency in communication, influence, and personal growth. Her expertise in Breakthrough Coaching enables her to navigate clients through obstacles toward transformative breakthroughs. Additionally, her paintings have garnered nationwide recognition, fueling her deep desire to merge her passion for painting, the arts, and heart healing into an unforgettable experience.

Purpose + Process.
The aim of infusing "art in heART" through a harmonious and interactive experience is to guide individuals to perceive beyond themselves while undergoing internal healing. While art therapy serves as a powerful method for healing and stress relief, so does expressing love towards others. Recognizing that each person views the world and others uniquely, Hue + Harmony Events imparts lessons on relinquishing preconceived notions, seeing oneself through a stranger's perspective, and finding healing through interaction and art therapy. It offers an unparalleled experience—one that fosters memories and lifelong friendships.


Hue + Harmony Events comes to you! Be prepared to host or paint for 1-3 hours. Patience is a virtue and each event is different depending on the amount of people you have.

This is unlike your typical painting party. The outcome of your painting is unpredictable but will always end up being a masterpiece. Life is the same.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to art. The goal is to LAUGH + LOVE through it. The process may not be what you’re used to but life is better with surprises!


Private Events * Classes * Team Building * Date Night * Ladies Night
  & More!

Event Booking info:  (561) 951-4046