Author & Coach | Who am I?

Hi! I'm Crystal Swass, life & success coach, Master NLP Practitioner, (insert fancy acronyms here) lover of  Jesus, single mother of two, photographer, author and all around creative chick. (whew! That's quite the description) I love to watch the sun rise and set, listen to the sounds of the ocean waves, drink coffee on a rainy morning and I am completely obsessed with tacos.
Butterflies are my one of my most favorite things. They are a reflection and reminder of God's grace and transformation in my own life. I have learned to see the beauty in all things despite the valleys I've had to walk through and I hope that by the time you are done with your program, you do too. Through my journey, God has shown me that every mountain has a valley, that there is healing despite the pain, that storms are never meant to destroy you but to cleanse you and that the sweet is never as sweet without the sour.
My goal is to give you the tools to heal, grow and be the most incredible version of YOU that you were created to be. The world needs you and wouldn't be the same without what you have inside of you to offer. It's time to let your light shine.  I have not only created coaching programs to guide you through your own healing and growth but I have written and published my personal story as a guide in order for you to remember that you aren't alone in the battles you face. 
My prayer is that God uses my experience, education, love and grace to coach you to live a life anchored in PURPOSE, PROMISE & PROSPERITY one step at a time. We are in this together. What are you waiting for?
You are "more valuable than rubies." Proverbs 31:10